Saturday, September 21, 2013

Zebulon - Day 142 - Historical Fiction

Then after reading the scripture verses he had selected, he told us to be seated and then told us the story of this guy named Paul that was a young man, who was going all over the place, killing Christians, and how he met the risen Jesus on a road out in the middle of nowhere. How Jesus made him blind for three days, but then gave Paul a new kind of sight. Paul then learned what it meant to be a follower of Jesus, and soon was telling other people about what had happened to him. 

Paul learned about the difference between following the laws to the letter because he had to, and following Jesus, by believing in Jesus, accepting Him, and giving your whole life to Him. He also explained how a person has to confess their sins and that everyone is a sinner. He told us how no one is perfect, and if they say they have no sin in their life, they are lying to themselves.

When he finished his preaching, he invited anyone who wanted to, to come down front and give their life to Jesus. When the people began singing a hymn, I looked up at Grandda. He was weeping again, and he looked down at me, and began stumbling down the aisle to the front. I went with him and sat on the front pew while he talked to the preacher, waiting for my turn. After about five minutes, he told Grandda to have a seat near me on the front pew, and then looked at me. 

I went up to him and told him about my experience and that I was a new believer in Jesus and wanted to tell others about it. 

Turning to the congregation, he motioned us to stand before them and said, "We have two candidates for baptism, standing here and I think they each want to say something to you." 

I could see the looks of wonder on their faces as they looked at my Grandda, because I know they thought he was already a believer. He had his hat in his hands and was twisting it around and around, probably dreading what they were thinking, but knew he had a lot to say.

"Well, folks, I know you all thought I was already a Christian, but I recently discovered that I had been deceiving myself all these years. I thought that all a feller had to do was behave like one, and he would be one. You know, follow the law and all that meant. I found out different the other night when my chickens came home to roost. I realized that my behavior was not what God wanted of me. He wanted my heart give to him. I've been mean and ornery to everybody around me, and my wife's illness has helped show that to me. I drove my kids off from home one at a time. Last night, I gave it all to Jesus, all my pain and meanness, and asked Him to forgive me. He did. Now I want to be the kind of person He wants me to be. Thank ye." 

The whole time he was talking, tears were flowing down his face and my heart went out to him. He put his arm around me, and it was my turn to talk.

"I just wanted to say that I am a new believer in Jesus, and I want to thank Him for saving me." I was not much of a talker in front of a lot of people. 

The preacher spoke again and asked the people what their pleasure was about making us members on our statements of faith. Somebody said, "I move we accept them." Somebody else said, "I second that." 

"All in favor," said the preacher, "say aye". I heard enthusiastic agreement all over the church. After a man prayed, everybody began coming down to shake our hands. They were clapping Grandda on the back and giving us hugs. I had never been hugged so many times in my life. The preacher told us we would talk later about when to baptize us.

Then it was over and we went to the pew to get Les and Marie, who were standing there kind of confused looking. Grandda hugged them and we started for the back of the church, where two men were standing on either side of the door, holding the collection plates. Apparently, at this church, they took the collection as people had to pass by to go outside. Grandda took out his wallet and put some bills in the plate.

"I'm anxious to get home and see how your Grandma is, and to see if Martha Rose had any trouble taking care of her." 

I was anxious as well.  (To be continued) 



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