Monday, September 16, 2013

Zebulon - Day 136 - Historical Fiction

We would see. Only time would tell. 

Arlissa left and once again we were enveloped by silence. 

Within the hour, our Ma was on the phone, talking to our Grandda. He was attempting to explain how the little ones came to be there, but finally admitted that Grandma had mistakenly taken them.

"You mean she kidnapped them!" I could hear my Ma shouting at him.

"Well, yes, and I'm sorry. Our situation has changed over the last 24 hours. You already know that Zeb and Martha Rose came a few days ago on their own. My Martha has taken sick to her bed and you need to come and get the two little ones. Zeb and Rose have agreed to stay awhile and help me with Martha. She is dying." With these last words, his eyes watered up again.

"I'll be there tomorrow, and if that old harridan has harmed them, she's going to pay for it."

."She's already doing that, I'm afraid, Ellen. She already is," he replied sadly.

"Okay, kids, your Ma is going to be here tomorrow and take you home," he told them, smiling.

"Yay!" They hugged each other, jumping up and down. To say they were excited, would be exaggerating. 

"Shhh!" I cautioned them, "we're not supposed to disturb Grandma."

Then there was another knock on the front door. Another neighbor, apparently."

It seemed that the news was being spread about.

(To be continued.)

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Delores said...

Thank goodness the little ones get to go home.