Friday, September 13, 2013

Zebulon - Day 134 - Historical Fiction

Grandda looked at little 6 year- old Marie, sobbing in my arms, and saw the woebegone look on Les' face. I could see  the emotions playing across Grandda's countenance. Was he going to let them go home? It was time to make my plea to his mercy.

"Grandda, would you please let the three of them go home and I will stay here with you and help you care for her. I know I'm small but I can do a lot more than you might think you can. Please?" I made an impassioned plea to him, and could see he was considering it. "Could we at least call her and let her know we are here and safe?"

I was really pushing it and knew it, but I had to try.

"How about we call her and let her know you are here, and 

let her come and get the two little ones, leaving you and Martha Rose here to help me out with your Grandma?" The old man was bargaining with me!

I could see the mutinous look on Rosie's face; I didn't think she would go for that, until she saw how hopefully Marie was  looking at her, waiting for confirmation.

Reluctantly, she agreed, and the deal was struck. We decided to call the grocery store where Ma ad been working,  but when Mr. Hopkins answered the phone, he said Ma was out sick. She had suffered a nervous breakdown when her two oldest children had disappeared. 

Then he said, "Zeb, is this you? Where are you? What happened to you? Did you run away? Do you have any idea what your mother has been through?"

"It's a long story, sir. I really need to talk to Ma. If you could just let her know we are at Grandpa O'Halloran's farm, all four of us, and could she come and get Les and Marie?"

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Delores said...

You know, I still don't trust that Hopkins guy.