Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cookie Jack's Adventure - day 112

Jack picked up the thread of his narrative. 

"Well, when she came in, she walked over to me and started  a jawin' at me, complainin' about how much trouble me 'n' my family had caused her and her business. Said you caused her a bunch of trouble with all the pokin' around you'd done, AnnaBee, and she had plans to get rid of ya, first chance. Lucy, too, although she regretted that, cause Lucy was so agreeable, but her curiosity might eventually lead her to askin' the wrong questions. She couldn't have that."

Well, now, Jack's story was getting right interesting, I thought. Now Lucy could see for herself that she wouldn't have continued to remain safe for very long. She was caught up in the story now.

"What happened next, Jack?" she wanted to know.

"They stood around for awhile talking about what she wanted them to do. Mrs. Wilson walked back over to me and  ripped the duct tape off my mouth, then asked me why I had come to my uncle's shop. What was I looking for and did I know where he had hidden papers connecting the two of them. I told her I didn't know anything about any papers. 
She didn't believe me and had one of the men begin to beating me up."

"Oh, my poor sweetheart!" exclaimed Lily. 

Jack just smiled at her, patting her hand and continued. 

"All at once in a lull in the conversation, one of the fellows thought he heard a noise outside. He looked through a crack in the barn wall and saw the police cars outside. He said, 'There's cops outside! It looks like they've got the place surrounded!' " 

"That must be when the shootin' from the barn loft started," I said.

"Yeah, Mz Wilson sent one of the men up there to see if they could hold off the cops. Then we heard the helicopters and when they all got busy inside tryin' to figure out how to get out of the mess they were in, I saw an opportunity to escape, so I began inchin' along the wall till I reached the barn door. 
That's when the police stormed the place, jist after I rolled out of the door. And that's my story." 

" Goodness!! You've had some adventures over the past few days, Jackie...er.. sorry, I mean Jack." I told him.

He just smiled, replying, "That's okay, AnnaBee, I'm just glad to be alive. I realize now that it don't matter if you call me Jack or Jackie, just as long as I'm alive to hear you." 

Turning to Lily, he hugged her close and said, "We'll have some stories to tell our children some day, won't we?"

I turned to Lucy Mae, happy to have her alive and with me. "Well, old friend, I guess it's back to the Mission for us. I'm sorry your job didn't work out." I hugged her close.

She smiled back at me. "I'm glad to be back with you. Sorry that Mrs. Wilson turned out to be bad, though. She really had me fooled; she was so very kind to me." 

"That's all right, Lucy. I'd rather have a good-hearted friend than one who trusts nobody," I told her. 

Turning to Judy, I asked, "How about we go get our little friends, Boomer and Clancy? I can hardly wait to see them." 

The nurse came in and told us we needed to go, because Jack needed some rest, but would probably be able to go home later that day. Jack looked at us and said he and Lily needed some time alone, cause he had a question to ask her. Aha! Looks like a wedding might be coming up.

The end. 


Teresa Hammond said...

Great wrap up, Mom!! Enjoyed it all. 8-)

Love you bunches!!


mybabyjohn/Delores said...

Fantastic story with lots of action and plot twists....now get it in print woman. Oh...and get busy on the next one lol.

Grammy said...

Thank you both! I am going to be investigating the best way to get it into print. Already planning the next segment. :)