Monday, February 11, 2013

Cookie Jack's Adventure - Day 111

"I could hear them cussin' when they got out of the car. I knew they had to get me out of the trunk before they could get to the tire and the tools, and I figured maybe I could act like I was still unconscious when they saw me. They shined a flashlight in my eyes and I wasn't expectin' it, so I flinched and squinched up my eyes. They knew then that I was conscious.

"They started hittin' me and draggin' me out of the car. They were aggravated because they apparently hadn't decided what to do with me or somethin'. I got out of the trunk the best way I could, what with my hands all tied up and everything. They had tape over my mouth so I couldn't say anything. One of them picked up the car jack, and the tire iron and laid the tools down, and got the spare tire,and the other guy held a gun on me. We stood there in the dark while the short one worked on changing the tire.

"I considered makin' a run for it, but I knew the chances of my gettin' away were slim to none, with my hands fastened behind my back, anyway. My mind was still running in circles, tryin' to figure out how to escape. 

"As soon as the one guy finished changin' the tire, I nodded towards the front of the car, indicatin' that I would like to at least ride inside the passenger part instead of the trunk. The two guys looked at one another and probably thinkin' that since my hands were behind my back, I couldn't escape, they agreed to let me. The three of us climbed back into the car, but one of them got into the back seat with me, all the time holdin' the gun on me. I can tell you, though, it was mighty uncomfortable still, with my hands behind my back.

"We continued on for some time till we came to the barn where you all found me. We spent the night there. I could hear one of them talkin' on his cell phone to someone he called Boss. The boss was chewin' him out somethin' awful for bringin' me along. Apparently told them that they shoulda jist left me there, now they'd have to get rid of me.

"When I heard him tellin' the other one that bit of news, I gulped and jist knew I wasn't gonna be long for this world. They had stopped at a convenience store on our way out to the barn and got some sandwiches and some beers. I tried drinkin' some of the beer cause I was thirsty, but it was awful and I couldn't stand it. There happened to be an old cistern there and they got me some water out of it, but it wasn't much better. They jist laughed and said that pretty soon I wouldn't be needin' any water anyhow.

"I figured then that my goose was cooked, so to speak. Well, the next mornin' up into the day, here comes another car pullin' up. AnnaBee, you'll never guess who it was! You'll jist never guess!" 

I looked at Jack and said, "It wouldn't have been Mrs. Wilson from the Sunny Bright Kindergarten, now would it, Jack?" 

"You got that right on the first try, AnnaBee! It was her, in person." 

"What??" exclaimed Lucy Mae. "You've gotta be jokin', Jack! What would that sweet lady be doin' out there? Was she lost?" 

"I'm sorry, Lucy. She was the big boss in the drug ring and usin' the kindergarten as a cover for her business. She was probably rakin' in the money by chargin' the families of the children big fees, too." 

"I jist can't believe it! Not that sweet, carin' person that I've come to know," sobbed Lucy. 

Putting my arms around her, I took her over to a chair and tried to comfort her. Judy brought her a cup of water and sat down beside her. 

"It's going to be alright, Lucy. You are blessed with a heart as big as the outdoors and are so loving and giving. Please, just take comfort in knowing that everything is going to work out. Look, we have our Jack safe and sound with us! Isn't that wonderful?" I tried to reassure her. She soon calmed down and we went back over to hear the rest of Jack's story.


mybabyjohn/Delores said...

Ah the penny finally dropped. Poor Lucy.

Grammy said...

Yeah. Poor lady! I hated to disillusion her that way, but at least she was with friends when she found out the truth.