Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cookie Jack's Adventure - Day 110

About thirty minutes later, we were told that we could go back to see Jack. They directed us back to the emergency room, where Jack was lying on a bed, with bandages on his head and arm. 

"Hey, you all! Am I ever glad to see you again! For awhile, I thought I was a goner."

Lily ran over to Jack and gave him a big hug and a kiss, then fell to her knees beside him and replied, "I thought we would never see you again, too, but we were praying that we would." She hung onto him for dear life.

"Why don't you tell us what  happened to you?" I inquired. I was just dying to know

Here is the story he related to us: 

"I decided to go to the repair shop that my Uncle Hank owns, and scope it out, makin' plans for usin' it to open my own repair shop for engines and motors. I didn't want to do any body work, because that would mean I'd need to hire somebody to do that. I don't really care for that kind of work. 

"I had just finished eatin' some lunch and had gone to the library for awhile to study and prepare my lessons for later in the evenin'. So, about four o'clock, I showed up at the shop, and was beginnin' to look around. I still had a set of keys to it, since I had worked as night watchman for my uncle. I turned on the lights, so I could see good, and had the bay doors open to throw more light into the buildin'. 

"Just then I heard a noise comin' from the office. Curious, I headed over to it and opened the door. I saw a broken coffee cup on the floor near the desk, and papers were scattered every where, and the file cabinet drawer was pulled out. All at once, something hit me over the back of my head, and that was lights out for me.

"When I woke up, I was in the trunk of a car, and I heard loud music playin'. My head was hurtin' like crazy, just poundin', and the music wasn't helpin' any. 

"I knew the car was movin', takin' me somewhere. It was bumpin' along like over a dirt or gravel road. I had no idea what they were gonna do with me, but I knew it couldn't be good. My hands were tied behind me, so I couldn't get to the latch on the trunk lid, so I had no hope of gettin' away.

"I began thinkin' about all the stuff I hadn't gotten to do, and all the plans Lily and I had and I jist felt like cryin'. I knew that wouldn't do any good, though, so I began to try to figure out how to get outta the mess I was in.

"Knowin' that Lily would alert you all when she didn't find me at the shop, I had some hope there, but knew I couldn't count just on that. There was a jack and a crowbar in the trunk behind me. I could feel them with my fingers, so I started tryin' to rub the ropes around my wrists against the sharp edges of the crowbar. It kept movin' around, though. There wasn't room for me to try to get my hands in front of me, you know by moving them under my feet

"So, I jist started prayin', askin' God to help me outta the jam I was in. Of course, I didn't know if He would or not, but I remembered how you told me that sometimes you jist have ta trust, AnnaBee."

Then Jack asked for some water, because by now his throat was getting dry. I brought him some, because although Lily would have done it, she was hanging onto him as though she couldn't let go.

After drinking the water, he continued with his story.

"All at once, I heard a loud popping sound, and one side of the car felt lower. I knew immediately what had happened. They had a flat tire. They would either have to keep going on the rim or they would have to change the tire." 

(to be continued)    

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