Friday, February 8, 2013

Cookie Jack's Adventure - Day 109

As we sat around waiting for the Lt. and his men to return, we continued to watch the television for any more news, but it was only chatter from some daytime talk show. Then, Tanya Jane's voice broke in once more.

"This reporter has just learned that all the people who had been holed up inside the barn, with the exception of young Jack Jones, were slain by the police. I repeat, the only survivor of the onslaught by the police was Jackson Jones. He crawled to safety just before the police swarmed the building, killing all the others in the barn. I have been trying to get to Jones before they take him back to town, but he looks to be in police custody. Is he one of the supposed criminals who were in the barn? 

"Here comes another helicopter. It is a medi-vac copter to take someone to the hospital or medical facility. Wait! They're loading Jackson Jones into the copter. I'll see if I can get closer and find out how badly he is injured and what kind of injury it is. Pardon me, please...pardon me...I'm Tanya Jane Harlow with Station WLTK and I'd like to ask a few questions.."

We could see that no one was paying her any mind. It didn't seem as though any of us were going to get any answers right away. This was one time I would have liked for her to get some answers. This waiting was horrible. How badly was Jack injured? Surely, since he was able to crawl out - it couldn't have been too bad, we hoped.

Judy's cell phone startled us when it rang.

"Sgt. Allen here... yes, sir, yes, we're still here. We're watching television with that horrible reporter.  They are? I see, sir, Yes, sir, I'll see that they get there. You're staying out there at the barn? Yes, yes. Was the lady there? I see. Yes, sir, I'll do that. Thank you, sir."

Turning to us, she said that the Lieutenant was sending Jack by helicopter to the local medical facility and that he was going to be okay. He just had a few cuts and bruises but needed to be checked over to be sure. 

Looking at Lily, I thought she was about to keel over, but she smiled at us and I knew she would be okay once she saw Jack safe and sound. 

Judy turned to Lucy and me and I knew she had bad news for Lucy, who was going to have a hard time believing it. I was going to try to delay the news till we were at the hospital in case Lucy went into shock. 

"Say, Judy," I interjected before Judy could open her mouth and spill the bad news, "have you  been in the policin' business for a long time? Why don't you tell us about how you got into it? That would maybe make for a good story while we are drivin' to the hospital, wouldn't it, Lucy?"

"Yeah, sure it would," Lucy agreed. 

We went down the stairs and all got into Judy's car and were soon on our way to the hospital. Judy related to us how she had gotten interested in detecting when her parents were killed in an auto accident. A drunk driver had hit her parents car, and then fled the scene. She was about fifteen when that happened and just in high school, so that kind of turned her ideas of what she wanted to do just when she was beginning to consider classes she would take in high school. 

Just as we arrived at the hospital we heard the whirly bird above our heads getting ready to land on the helipad atop the facility. Judy parked the car and we rushed in. We rushed into the waiting area for the emergency room and ran up to the desk.

Lily blurted out, "We're here to see Jack Jones, who is just being brought in by helicopter. He's my fiance."

The receptionist smiled and calmly asked her name, then told her we would have to wait a few minutes and to just please have a seat, only to call her back up and ask about insurance. Of course, Jack probably didn't have any insurance, since homeless people don't usually.

(Tomorrow: Jack's story)      



mybabyjohn/Delores said...

I can't believe Lucy hasn't figured it all out yet.

Blabbin' Grammy said...

Bless her heart. She's not the brightest bulb in the package, but she's one true friend.

Blabbin' Grammy said...
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