Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cookie Jack's Adventure - Day 108

"Ladies and gentlemen of our viewing audience, the barn continues to burn and the fire seems to be gaining control. We are way out in the boonies and I don't know if there are any fire trucks available. The shooting has stopped, too. 

"I believe I see the doors to the barn opening and here come the SWAT team being led by our own Lieutenant Shannon! It looks like they're coming out alone. They are running out and carrying several bodies. I wonder what happened in there? Were the police the only survivors? 

"Lieutenant! Lieutenant Shannon! Over here! What happened to the people that were obviously holed up in the barn? Did any of them survive? Who were they? What were they doing in there?"

"I'm sorry, Mz. Harlow, I really don't have time right now to answer all your questions.  We did follow someone here who was a suspect in the illegal drug business, I can tell you that much.  Please just give us a few minutes to catch our breath. We inhaled a lot of smoke in there, and need to rest a bit. We also have some casualties that have to be seen about. I can tell you that we took out a drug cartel that had been doing business in our fair city. That should be news enough for you right now."

"Remember, folks, you heard it first right here on WTLK news, with Tanya Jane Harlow reporting, more later."

Well, we could see that Tanya wasn't leaving, so maybe we would find out some more in a few minutes.  

Judy and I looked at one another, knowingly. Yep, we were  sure the person they followed there had been none other than Mrs. Wilson. I wondered if she was among the deceased and what would it do to Lucy Mae? 

As we watched, along with the crew of the news station (yes, Tanya was still there, waiting to talk to anyone who would talk to her), we heard the sound of sirens. An ancient fire truck pulled up and the men jumped off the truck and took one look at the barn. They didn't even bother taking the hose off the tanker. It would have been a waste of water, because the barn was already enveloped in flames and was going fast. 

Everyone had moved back from the barn and was giving it room to burn. 

The Lieutenant walked over to the news team and told them that they were headed back into town and he would make a statement when they got back. "I have police business to take care of right now. Please honor my request. Thank you  very much."

"Thank you, Lieutenant Shannon! We'll see you back in town."

Obviously, Tanya Jane realized that was all she was going to get at the moment, but we knew that when she signed off she would be going around asking more questions so she could get a scoop on any information floating around to make her report fatter.

As for us, we could hardly wait for the Lt. to get back to us, along with our good friend, Jack, and to hear his story.   
(To be continued)    

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